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Clip-On ➜ Blue Blocking Nighttime Eyewear

Clip-On Blue Blocking Lenses

The same best selling Spectra479 lenses can now be used with prescription and reading glasses!

These lenses are light as a feather with a minimalist design. The last thing you need is to add more weight and bulk to your glasses.

Tested to block 100% of light from 280 – 490nm (this includes UV). Blocks 99.8% of light in the critical 450 – 510nm range. This is the most disruptive wavelength of light at night. It is also the same frequency of light that is blasted directly into your eyeballs from electronic devices. Always wear protection!
Transmittance Chart

Blocks 99.8% of all light between 450 – 510nm

Model: CBB1-NA-19-01

Price: $29.00

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