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Night Shades ➜ Blue Blocking Nighttime Eyewear


Fall sleep fast with our nighttime eyewear. These high quality FDA regulated blue blocking glasses are the ultimate in simplicity and effectiveness. They are specially designed and tested to block out the most stimulating range of blue light. This is important!

The Story

I Couldn’t Sleep

Falling asleep was always a problem. In fact just thinking about going to sleep would give me ANXIETY! This would lead to a downward spiral of insomnia, poor sleep, then anxiety leading up bedtime the next evening. Not good…

Scary Science

2010 is when I fist learned about the dangers of blue light exposure at night. At the time when I started my research there was already plenty of science that SCARED the hell out of me! Light exposure at night has been proven time and time again to SEVERELY disrupt biological systems by scrambling your central circadian clock. And it turns out that your body is exquisitely sensitive to blue light. The amount of blue light entering your eyes is how your body calibrates the time of day.

Hopeful Science

The science also clearly shows a simple solution: Stabilize your Light-Dark cycles and your biology will fall in line. This means no blue light after dark! It also means that it is important to get bright light in the daytime. You want to send very clear signals to the timekeeping part of your brain. Bright days and dark nights are the framework of a healthy lifestyle. But darkness is hard to come by in the modern world…

A Secret Sleep “hack” of High Performers

It was also in 2010 that I came across and high performance individual who changed my sleep (and life) forever. He shared a sleep hack that revolutionized my sleep: Wear orange glasses at night time.
That’s it!

It gets better

Time for an upgradeFor three years I wore these safety glasses while using the computer at night. At that time, the only glasses suitable were these silly looking orange safety glasses. YIKES! Ugly yet highly effective. They did make a huge difference though. Even my more fashion conscious wife ended up with her own pair.

As my research continued I realized the importance of stable photoperiods. Instead of just wearing them for computer use I started wearing them every night around the same time. That was game changing! Falling asleep has never been easier.

Time to upgrade from the orange safety glasses!

Product Details

Tested to block 100% of light from 280 – 490nm (this includes UV). Blocks 99.8% of light in the critical 450 – 510nm range. This is the most disruptive wavelength of light at night. It is also the same frequency of light that is blasted directly into your eyeballs from electronic devices. Always wear protection!
Transmittance Chart

Blocks 99.8% of all light between 450 – 510nm

Model: RBB1-BL-19-02

Price: $35.00

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