We are a small family run company dedicated to providing high quality products and information regarding light exposure and your health. After experiencing tremendous benefits from “biohacking” our light exposure, we began creating products to help others do the same.


We have found the that there are three major problems people run into with taking control of their light exposure:

  • Poor quality (and outright fake) blue light blocking products
  • Education on how to best utilize blue light filters and nighttime lighting
  • Reliance on software to “filter” blue light from electronic screens


Spectra479 products are designed to set a new standard in the industry. In searching for suppliers for our blue blocking glasses, we found it extremely difficult to find a suitable lens. The vast majority of orange lens failed to meet our standard for blocking out light in the range that humans are most sensitive to. This was shocking to us! So many products are coming on to the market and there is no way for the average person to know if their product is effective or not.

So whats with the name?

We’re glad you asked.
The word “Spectra” is the plural form of “spectrum”. The “479” comes from a study that found that our circadian system is the most sensitive to light that is 479 nano meters in wavelength.
Human melanopsin forms a pigment maximally sensitive to blue light (λmax ≈ 479 nm)